Animating ideas…I need your help, faithful readers.

So I recently started an animation class. I figured, “hey, I work in animation so I might as well understand it better.” I’m a big fan of hands-on learning and given the intensity of the syllabus it will most definitely be hands-on. I’ll be posting assignments (rough sketches, thumbnails and animations) to this blog on a fairly regular basis – here’s where you come in.


Tell me what you think. If you like it, tell me. If you hate it, tell me why and what you think might make it better. I need your eyeballs and I need your opinions. Thanks in advance!

Which of these best communicates the idea of "excitement?" Post the number in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “Animating ideas…I need your help, faithful readers.

  1. Number (4) looks like a “HUZZAH” moment. With that I instantly picture the poster of Jim Carey in the “Yes Man” movie poster. Yah dig? Good excitement there.

    Number (12) Fist pumping Gweedo excitement?

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