A new idea to pose – “Devastation”

Hey all – thanks so much for all your suggestions from last time around. Many of you chose #4 as the most “excited”. I made a few tweaks and here’s the final result.





Now I need your help again (I know, “How demanding is this guy?” you say.) This time around the emotion to pose for is “DEVASTATION.” Which of these do you think fits the bill?

2 thoughts on “A new idea to pose – “Devastation”

  1. #2 looks like a pitcher who just gave up a game-ending home run.

    #10 looks like a man who’s questioning his god.

    #7 looks like a Playboy model. She’s kinda hot.

    But #1 is the guy who just found out that the only woman he ever loved died in a plane crash (upon hitting a flock of rabid geese) before he could tell her how much he loved her. Devastation, indeed.

  2. My vote would be for #4, especially if his/her head was hung a little lower, like #2’s. I feel like it’s the only one that definitely wouldn’t be mistaken for frustrated.

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